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New “Blade Runner” Film In the Works

The original Blade Runner remains one of the most influential films in the last 20 years, as long as you don’t watch the cut where Harrison Ford narrates everything (every … damn … thing…). The idea of remaking it would likely send a shockwave through the film community that may end up like the bloody mutiny described in the backstory of the original film. Now, while a remake is not happening, Alcon Entertainment has released a press release stating that either a sequel or a prequel to the original film’s events is currently in the works.

Producers of the new project, Andrew Kosove, Broderick Johnson and Bud Yorkin, sat down with io9.com to talk about their plans for the project, but naturally gave nothing away of their intentions. When asked whether or not the film will be a prequel or a sequel, Kosove simply states “we just don’t know yet,” an answer that permeates most of the trio’s responses.

What is known is that regardless of when the project takes place, Replicants (the A.I. at the center of the original film) will play a huge part. Yorkin said, “…Replicants can be any number of ways, and involved in the way humans work and live. Replicants will be different in the end somewhere.”


All three seem to have the highest respect for original helmer, Ridley Scott and are adamant they are not out to remake the original film, but expand on it in some respect. They will not say if they have reached out to Scott in regards to a sequel/prequel, but when asked if they had any “pie in the sky” hopes for a writer and/or director, Kosove responded with a sentence that made everything more interesting.

“Yeah, our friend Chris Nolan who we did Insomnia [with]”.

Oh please, make it so. Though with Nolan currently planning past The Dark Knight Rises with an untitled Howard Hughes biopic, it’d be best for our collective fanboy hearts to put such (awesome) thoughts out of mind for now.


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