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New Bloodrayne Betrayal Screenshots

The old Vampire shooter/ slasher game franchise Bloodrayne is getting a 2-D revamp (Sorry for the pun) as a side-scrolling downloadable arcade game this summer.  A new batch of screenshots came out recently giving us a taste of what's to come.

In the older games, Rayne had vampiric reflexes, and the game depicted this by slowing down time in a Max Payne Bullet-time way. The shot below seems to show her moving at super speed to reflect her vampire speed.

There will be platform jumping as well. 

Rayne will still embody goth girl sexiness.

Some of the new enemies are revealed in these screenshots.

Expect a hard-earned "M" rating with all of this blood.

Bloodrayne Betrayal is the third game in the series, it is developed by Way Forward (Famous for the Shantae games) and will be published by Majesco.  Release date is estimated at the end of August 2011.


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