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New Call Of Duty DLC Exclusive to Xbox – For Now

Settle down, eventually, it's going to come out for PC and Playstation 3 too, but the new Call of Duty Black Ops DLC is going to start out as an Xbox exclusive.  Which begs the question, is this sort of stunt actually going to sell more Xboxes?  Are there Call of Duty fans so hardcore that they'll ditch their Playstation 3 and run out and buy an Xbox just to get some DLC a couple of weeks early?  Well, someone certainly hopes so, because the new pack, Annihilation will hit Xbox Live on June 28th leaving PC and Playstation owners pining away.

The new pack is the third batch released since the game came out last November and will include four new multiplayer maps along with a new zombie mode map.  The maps are called Hangar 18, Drive-In, Silo and Hazard, with the zombie map being Shangri-La.  The developer diary below explains a little more about what you can expect from each of them. Based on the pricing for the previous two DLC packs, Annihilation will run fifteen dollars, or 1200 Microsoft points.  Release date for the other two platforms hasn't been announced yet.

But PC and Playstation fans can take heart, because Treyarch will be hosting a Double XP weekend beginning the Friday after Annihilation is released.


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