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New Character Detailed For Dungeon Siege III

The 2008 film In The Name Of The King: A Dungeon Siege Tale by crapmaster Uwe Boll nearly killed the Dungeon Siege franchise, but after a five year break, the third game in the series is almost here, and news is slowly trickling out about the cast of characters.  With a new Publisher, a new Developer, along with new characters, Dungeon Siege III is here to fill the hack 'n' slash void in your life until Diablo III comes out.

Square Enix and Obsidian Entertainment are slowly releasing more and more information about the playable classes in the game.  Players have already learned about Anjali, the embodiment of fire, cast in the form of a hot chick.  Also recently unveiled was Katarina, the game's gun-toting blaster class, and also a hot chick.  Today we finally got a look at the first hunk of beefcake in the game, Lucas Montbarron, a heavily armored nobleman who'll serve as the tank/ melee muscle.

Lucas is the last in his aristocratic family, and is out to avenge their murder, and restore his family's honor.  He'll have the option to fight with sword and shield for more defensive tactics, or he can use a two-handed sword for taking down weaker enemies in large numbers.  

There is at least one more character to be revealed by the developers, so keep an eye out for updates, along with our full preview in the near future.  You can see footage of Lucas in action on the Dungeon Siege III website.


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