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New Creative Team on Moon Knight

Moon Knight is an All-New Marvel Now title and it is only in the single digitals. It was announced by Marvel that they already have a creative team change.   Warren Ellis and Declan Shavley will be leaving the title with issue 6 in August. Brian Wood and Greg Smallwood will be taking over the title in September with issue 7. Brian Wood has recently worked on X-men and the last Ultimate Comics X-men series.  Greg Smallwood  has worked on The Dream Thief.   I personally feel that this might be a warning sign for the series if they are switching creative teams this early. Moon Knight is a cult favorite superhero, but that does not mean his solo series sells well. He would be a better hero for a Marvel team book.   Moon-Knight-sketch-by-Greg-Smallwood   What do you guys think of the creative team change? Will you still be buying the book? Do you think this could mean danger for the title? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.


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