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New “Daredevil” Film Will Be Directed by David Slade

Whatever you thoughts may be on the first Daredevil, it’s not going to stop 20th Century Fox from pressing forward in bringing the Man Without Fear back into theaters. First Variety and now Deadline is reporting that David Slade (The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, 30 Days of Night) has been tapped to helm the next film in the series, which will possibly not be a reboot.

It’s not an uninteresting choice, whatever your opinions of Slade’s resume may be. He’s no stranger to dark places (just see his debut film Hard Candy) and Matt Murdock is one of Marvels darkest protagonists. Mind you, that didn’t really come across well in the 2003 film starring Ben Affleck (and an unfortunate red leather suit). Sources close to the project are saying that the next film will not be a reboot (which some could argue is needed), but a continuation of the story started in the first film.

Fox has held the rights to the Marvel character since the 2003 film and have continued to hold onto them by keeping the sequel “in development” all these years. While it may have been development hell, it prevented Marvel Studios (now owned by Disney) from reclaiming the rights to the character—also the case with the “Fantastic Four” series.

For better or worse, Slade has become a much bigger name in the last year; as a result, he was once in the running for what became Darren Aronofsky's job directing The Wolverine. His involvement in the project would mean Fox is serious about bringing this character back to theaters in a big and hopefully darker way. Note to Fox: push that PG-13 rating to the brink and hire a composer over a pop-based soundtrack, please. While no writer has been announced yet, look for more updates as Fox builds momentum on the developing project.

What do you think about Slade and "Daredevil"? Should this be a total reboot? Ben Affleck? 


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