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New Darksiders II Trailer Released

There’s something about live action trailers that really gets the blood pumping. Considering how much more expensive a live action trailer is to produce than a purely CGI one, it can speak leagues about a company and how much they care about getting its game noticed. At E3 we saw a bunch of new games, one of the games was THQ’s Darksiders II. There wasn’t much more to see about Darksiders II other than some gameplay, it lacked presentation. Today we got that presentation in the form of a sweet trailer that’s sure enough to get you pumped for the game.

The trailer is almost reminiscent of some of the early Diablo teasers we saw over the past couple years, which leaves me to wonder if the trailer's mimicry is intentional. Is there just something about cathedral scenes and demons? I suppose if they are paired with helpless humans you have a motive and setting for a great game. A complitmented theme and setting is hard to pass up as a developer who is looking for a concept for trailer, especially if the trailer is expensive to make. You want what works and this trailer works for me!


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