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New Dev Diary and Teaser Videos For The Witcher 2

What a day it is for Xbox owners who are eager to find out more about the Xbox port of The Witcher 2.  A new Dev diary hit the internet, along with a teaser video that shows gameplay of this "Enhanced Edition".  PC gamers will also want to take a look at these videos too because they're getting an update to the PC version of the game which will have all of the additional content for the Xbox.

The Developer Diary includes interviews with several of the story writers who discus the strong focus on player choice and how The Witcher 2 gives players the power to have tremendous impact on the narrative while avoiding simple definitions of "Good" and "Evil".

For a more dramatic look at the game, there's also a teaser full of cutscenes plus actual gameplay footage too.

The Witcher 2 will be available for Xbox 360 soon, and is already out for PC.


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