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New Developer Diary For The Secret World

Shhh... Don't tell anyone but the developers of The Secret World have released a new Secret Developer Diary.  It's five minutes of in-game footage, FMV cutscenes and interviews with Ragnar Tornquist the Sr. Producer & Creative Director along with Joel Bylos the Lead Content Designer, and Dag Scheve the Lead Writer discussing the clever premise of the game, and how that story will be told.

A long-awaited modern-day MMO made by some very talented people, The Secret World is destined to be a cult hit when it goes live this winter or early next year.  It’s also surprisingly funny, given the grim supernatural storyline.  In the new video, the Developers point out how all NPCs will be fully voiced and animated with motion capture.  This is quite a step forward for MMO games which usually make do with just text and generic gestures for NPCs.

Also seen are examples of the various types of missions that players will go on.  Take note of how Bylos mentions that, because the game is based on Real World conspiracy theories and mythology, Players will need to do research outside the game in the real world in order to solve in-game mysteries.

See more about the game on its website, and watch the full video below.


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