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New Dragon Age II DLC Revealed

Some fresh DLC for Bioware's Dragon Age II entitled Mark of the Assassin features Felicia Day from the series The Guild and is set to hit the PC, PS3, and 360 on October 11th.  Day will be playing a new character called Tallis, an elven cutthroat seeking a powerful relic.  Day's likeness has been used as the mold for her character as she and Hawke sneak into a magically fortified vault containing a gem called the Heart of the Many.

Based on the description on the game's official website, the DLC will include new weapons, armor, a new fighting style for Day's character, and some new enemies and environments.  Expect to be treated to some significant backstory for Day's character, as the name Tallis is also the name of her character for the Dragon Age: Redemption web series.  The series was scheduled for release this summer, but as of yet has no concrete release date.  There is a strong possibility that some of the content from the series could be used to flesh out Tallis' character in this DLC, especially if the series has been scrapped.  

As of now, there is no price set for Mark of the Assassin, but based on other Dragon Age II DLC, my guess would be 800 Microsoft points ($10).   


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