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New Elder Scrolls Online Details

The MMO space is a difficult one to break into. Most industry experts and genre fanatics would advise to avoid attempting pushing an existing IP into this market due to its oversaturation and refined and experienced leaders. For Bethesda, however, this is a challenge they hope to meet with their Elder Scrolls franchise by creating Elder Scrolls Online. There has been a large amount of feedback after their announcement of development for the game, and a sizable amount has been skeptical of success.


During E3 many details have surfaced surrounding The Elder Scrolls Online, which are starting to prove that this MMO won’t simply follow in the footsteps of World of Warcraft or Guild Wars. People in the MMO space will be the first to tell you that combat is pretty much a static and unmoving standard of number smashing. The Elder Scrolls Online will feature a combination of blocking, attacking, and using Magicka to help create a unique and different style of combat.


The other aspect of Elder Scrolls Online that hopes to make this game stand out is its loyalty to The Elder Scrolls world. With the patented Bethesda art style and limiting servers to 200 people, Elder Scrolls Online sounds like it could possibly generate an effective singleplayer-like experience as well as bring gamers together across the fields of Morrowind, Skyrim, and Daggerfall , to name a few. One importatant question left unanswered is how the music will fare. Elder Scrolls has a strong history of excellent music, hopefully a large scale game like this won’t belittle the quality of the music.


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