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New Fringe Trailer Gives A Better Look At Season Four

After weeks of some of the most confusing yet intriguing promotional material for any television show ever, Fox has seen fit to put out yet another trailer for the fourth season of sci-fi drama Fringe. The trailer gives a better look at actual fourth season material that isn't distorted by cryptic messages like those that have come before it, but does once again largely revolve around the theme of "Where is Peter Bishop?"

Though his name is never mentioned, there are various flashes of the character, who disappeared from all states of existence at the climax of the third season. There is also a heavy emphasis on the fact that Lincoln Lee (Seth Gabel) has been promoted to a regular cast member, following his stint as a recurring character since the second season of the show, as he appears in almost every scene shown.

The fourth season of Fringe premieres Friday September 23rd on Fox.


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