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New Gameplay Trailer For Company of Heroes 2 Released

Relic Entertainment, the developers behind critically acclaimed real-time strategy games Warhammer: Dawn of War and Company of Heroes have recently released a 90-second long gameplay trailer for Company of Heroes 2. Judging from the trailer, the game looks absolutely stunning and features the same tactile-squad-based gameplay that fans have come to expect from Relic developed titles – not to mention lots of blood and gore not commonly found in strategy games.

The game will focus more on the battles that took place on the Eastern front of World War II so expect to take the reigns of the Soviet Red Army for a majority of the campaign, with skirmishes taking place in the heart of Berlin. It also will run on the in-house engine Proprietary Essence 3.0 that brings with it numerous improvements to environmental details, artificial-intelligence, and much more.

The game is slated to release on PC come early 2013 taking full advantage of Direct x11 and Steamworks technology. Expect more coverage of Company of Heroes 2 to follow later down the line.


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