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New Gameplay Trailer for Rainbow Six Siege

"Kick Down Doors, Blow Up Walls In The New Rainbow Six"
Ubisoft has released a new trailer for the upcoming Rainbow Six Siege. One of the surprises at last year's E3 was a new Rainbow Six. Even more surprising was how the game was focusing on destruction and multiplayer. It looked cool, but after that initial reveal we haven't see or heard much about the game.

Now we have a new gameplay trailer which shows off more of the game in action. As with the E3 reveal, a big emphasis is put on destruction and "Choosing sides," which seems to be in reference to the online aspect of the game. As shown during the E3 reveal, players can either play as a member of the Rainbow Six team or as a criminal.  The trailer also shows some of the new gear and tactics that will be available to players.
Rainbow Six Siege is coming out sometime this year, 2015, for Xbox One, PS4 and PC. The Windows version will be having a closed Alpha. There will also be a closed beta for consoles and PC. If you preorder you are given a code to join the beta, or you can sign up here for a chance to a be a part of the beta.


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