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New Gears of War 3 details from Cliff Bleszinski

Holy crap that was hard to keep up with, I wasn’t expecting so much information to be announced about the game. The vast majority of the it is for Horde mode, which sounds absolutely brilliant. He also hints at the possibility of another Gears title, we already know about the Kinect one, so maybe they will go the prequel route, which would be a pretty great direction for them take.


There was way too much info announced to cover here, so keep an eye out for a full feature. Here’s a few quick ones to peak your interest, boss fights will now be in horde mode, you can build bases and fortify positions. These can be upgraded as you earn money from killing enemies in horde, the retro lancer has been altered from the beta. Campaign will include unlockable modes such as big head mode! Check out the video to see the other side of the E3 stage demo.


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