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New Grand Theft Auto V Trailer Out November 14th

Still eagerly awaiting new Grand Theft Auto V information? The wait may be sooner than you think. Today Rockstar Games made 2013's most anticipated title officially available to pre-order for the first time and also teased a new trailer coming November 14th. As you will remember the internet exploded just over a year ago when they released the first trailer for the game, seen below.

Since then details have been scarce to say the least. A dozen screenshots that give away very little and small tidbits such as Crews from Max Payne 3 carrying over are all that fans have had to stew on until now. First, we got an official release window of Spring 2013 and with the 18 page Game Informer preview coming this thursday its time for GTA fans to get excited once again. Hurricane Sandy had derailed Rockstar's plans slightly but now we know we will get a second glimpse at the reimagined Los Santos next week.


Pre-ordering the game from selected retailers will get you a double-sided poster with nice artwork and even a photo viewer that contains an exclusive screenshot of the game (whilst very limited stock lasts). The Grand Theft Auto hype train is almost upon us again and it's time to get ready.


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