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New Grip Games Title, Atomic Ninjas, Unveiled

Grip Games! the developer behind the Impossible Game and 5-in-1 Arcade Hits, yesterday released details of their latest title, a multiplayer platformer named Atomic Ninjas.

Set for a summer release on the PlayStation Network, Atomic Ninjas is a 2.5D cross-platform game between the PS3 and Vita, where according to the developers CEO Jakub Mikyska, “You will control super-powered ninjas in frantic online matches against other players, with tonnes of charm and humor.”

Mikyska, who announced the news via a post on the PlayStation blog, also said that, “While the game relies on traditional jumping and shooting mechanics, you will be unable to directly kill other players. Instead, you must outsmart and outflank your opponents and kill them using various environmental hazards and obstacles.” 

With lava pits, crates, laser beams and whole lot more at your disposal; players will have plenty of perils to push their opponents towards, which should make for some great on screen deaths. Even more interestingly however, are the range of super-powers that come will the playable ninjas, which include telekinesis and invisibility. 

Split screen multiplayer matches will be available for the game and you can choose to take this mode online, which will host up to four players, or play offline. Single-player matches against bots will also be supported. Furthermore, PS3 players will be able to play Atomic Ninjas against PS Vita owners, with save files automatically being synchronized between the two systems if they are connected to the same PSN account. 

With seven arenas, a whole host of online games such as Deathmatch and Capture The Flag to choose from and some kick-ass ninja powers, we think this game seems pretty awesome. Do you agree? Let us know down below. 


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