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New Guacamelee! DLC Coming This Week

One of the best downloadable titles of 2013 so far is getting even more DLC this week. Guacamelee! is a PSN exclusive action platformer inspired by Mexican culture and folklore. It is awesome and if you haven't played it already I recommend you do so immediately. The first DLC pack didn't go so smoothly with a patch needed to sort out many problems. With that in the past, the next DLC pack is coming this week and you can check out the new trailer below for what you will be getting.

El Diablo’s Domain will feature 17 new stages and 3 new costumes for Juan and Totsada to enjoy. It will cost just $2.99 (£2) and it is unclear whether it will feature new trophies at this point (the previous DLC did). Either way, more of Guacamelee! is absolutely a good thing.


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