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New Hope for the Terminator Series?

With Arnold Schwarzenegger no longer the Governor of California and recently tweeting his hopes to return to the entertainment industry; Deadline has it that there maybe new hope for his signature series “Terminator”. Deadline reports that Universal has shown an interest in acquiring distribution rights to the series and is already courting Justin Lin, who directed the last three films of the “Fast and the Furious” franchise (including the upcoming Fast Five, also for Universal) for the next film.

The news that Universal is courting a potential director is good news for the iconic but struggling series. The latest installment, Terminator: Salvation wasn't exactly the knockout it needed to be, ending with the rights to the series being boughtout by a California-based hedge fund called Pacificor for just under $30 million. With Sony Pictures and Lionsgate (both distributors of the series in the past) given the option to negotiate for further distribution rights, the talks ultimately ended with both studios walking away from Pacificor (fairly pissed, from what’s been said). Now, it sounds like Universal is in the market to get their hands on the rights held by the Santa-Barbara hedge fund.

It all begs the question and fun thought on whether Schwarzenegger, currently accepting meetings regarding upcoming projects, would be game and/or insane enough to try his hand again at the franchise that made him a household name. If anything, it could be the shot in the arm the series needs so badly.


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