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New Howard the Duck Ongoing

This week Marvel announced a new Howard the Duck ongoing. This doesn't come as a surprise with the popularity of the character and his after credit cameo in the Guardians of the Galaxy movie. I have personally not had a lot of exposure to the character, but it seems this title will be very similar to Deadpool and Rocket Raccoon. The series will be written by Chip Zdarksky and illustrated by Joe Quinones. Zdarksky is the artist and co-writer of critically acclaimed Image series Sex Criminals. Joe Quinones has worked on the graphic novel Black Canary, Zatanna: Bloodspell and a couple issues of the Marvel Now's Captain Marvel title. Howard the Duck #1 goes on sale March 4th, 2015. Are you excited for this title? Is Howard the Duck one of your favorite characters? Tell us in the comments below! Howard-The-Duck-1-Cover


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