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New Humble Indie Bundle Includes Braid, Machinarium, Osmos and More

Earlier this year, several indie developers got together to launch a “Pay What You Wish” sale on a bundle of their games, which not only provided money to these worthy developers, but also donated a portion of the money to charity.  Now a new batch of indie games is available in a similar deal.

You can get Braid, the artsy time-controlling platformer, along with point-n-click robot adventure Machinarium, Osmos the blob-growing game, not to mention Cortex Command a side-scrolling shooter, and Revenge of the Titans a tower defense strategy game.  The full price of all of these games together is about $85, but you can pay just a buck, or thousand dollars, whatever you want, depending on how generous, or cheap you are.
As an added incentive to encourage larger donations, you can allocate a portion of your donation to go to charity.  The Humble Bundle is partnered with both Childs Play and the Electronic Frontiers Foundation.  Childs Play donates toys and games to children’s hospitals, and the EFF is a public interest organization that deals with legal issues surrounding digital rights and other geeky issues.

All of the games are DRM free and playable on PC Mac or Linux, you can make a donation at www.HumbleBundle.com.



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