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New Humble Indie Bundle Pack Announced

Yesterday the newest Humble Indie Bundle came out to share the glory of well crafted independantly developed games to the world. This is the fifth of the bundles and it looks as though they've really put together an amazing group of games this time around and it consists of:

- Amnesia: The Dark Descent
- Psychonauts
- Superbrothers Sword and Sworcery EP
- Bastion (unlocked if you pay more than the average which is sitting around  $7.67 right now)

and you also recieve all the soundtracks to these great games, which is a steal considering Bastion's soundtrack won many awards for Best Soundtrack and Best Song. Also, the games are cross platform! That's right, they play on Mac, PC, and Linux.

The bundle has already recieved $1,935,631.62 and is climbing by the second; it's expected to break two million today, if not more. Go support a great charity and indie developers who need and deserve your support.

Still not convinced that you need to pick this up? Here's a showcase of what to expect from the bundle. 



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