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IDW Games Division Announced

IDW Publishing has been releasing comic book series for 15 years. Now, they've decided to take another big step forward by launching a new division with the help of Pandasaurus Games: IDW Games. IDW Games will have high-quality big-box tabletop games based on IDW Publishing's series. Pandasaurus Games, the company responsible for the popular game Yedo, will be partnering up with IDW. The first couple of games will be based off of Kill Shakespeare and 30 Days of Night and will begin in spring 2014.  

Kill Shakespeare #1

  Kill Shakespeare began back in 2010 and was written by Anthony Del Col. The series pits Shakespeare's famous heroes and villains in a parallel world where they have to find a powerful wizard and choose whether to kill or save him. Who is this powerful wizard? William Shakespeare. 30 Days of Night, which spawned numerous series and a movie, is written by a master of comic book horror, Steve Niles (Pieces for Mom: A Tale of the Undead, Frankenstein Alive, Alive). The story is set in an Alaskan town by the name of Barrow. Unfortunately for the citizens, this small town goes through 30 days of night (get it?) once a year and this year a bunch of vampires have decided to pay a visit and paint the town red with blood. According to IDW Publishing's New Business Development Director Jerry Bennington, "We're incredibly excited to move into tabletop gaming and give fans a way to spend even more time with their favorite titles. This is a very strong pair of games to launch right out of the gate, and over the next few months we'll be making more major announcements that should have the gaming community buzzing..."  


  I was a bit disappointed after reading more about IDW Games since originally I thought it would be video games. I will miss not having the opportunity to kill some vampires in Alaska and see Puck commit some mischief, but I'm sure there are several tabletop players out there who are very happy right now. More announcements about the new division will be made on the official website for IDW Games (and me).


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