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New IP from Bungie for Activision!

Most of you have probably already heard about the Activision and Infinity Ward debacle. Yes, I'm sad the same major Infinity Ward developers aren't working on Call of Duty games anymore, but that's not the point for today. Yes, we actually have good news from Activison! Recently Bungie jumped ship to Activison, and signed a 10-year contract with the publisher to produce games for them. In fact a member of the Activision staff recently announced the fact that Bungie has been working on a new game, and yes it's going to be an Activision game.

Apparently this game has been in development since 2007! Bungie says they are still working hard on Reach, but they are dead set on getting the universe for this new game set. With this in mind, it wouldn't be to far-fetched to imagine that we might see a trailer for said game, or at least an official announcement with a title soon. Either way I'm glad Bungie has a bit more freedom to make more than just Halo games. Lets just hope they don't have the same problems that Infinity Ward is currently going through.


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