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New LinkedIn Contact adds more connectivity and opportunity

LinkedIn announced that their will be addition of new features to make a more personal experience. On the official LinkIn blog, Sachin Rekhi introduced what they called, LinkedIn Contacts. The new tools creates a comprehensive collection of your contacts from websites, emails, and calendars. The idea is that it will help to create new potential opportunities to expand one's connections further.

This adds almost a social media aspect to the website. This may also give the site a lot more activity as it encourages checking in more frequently. Directly on the new layout is a page for what is going on each day. You can even create a note or reminder for anything else. You get feeds of previous meetings or conversations to easy check back when you need a refresh. It even will let you know when their are any job title openings, and even useful information such as birthdays for a perfect chance to get a good word in or just stay connected to contacts.

By using either a browser or the iphone app, users will be able to sync their accounts (gmail, yahoo, or even more business oriented programs like Microsoft Outlook) and puts the information directly on the contacts profile. Hopefully removing the annoyance of switching between websites just to keep in touch.

LinkedIn is already a very useful tool for anyone from aspiring entrepreneurs to established business folks so the added strength is a plus. People have taken a eye to the gains of having an online profile such as LinkedIn. So if you are interested in trying out the new features you can go here to get a chance at trying it out first.


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