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New Look at Dexter’s 8th Season

The new trailer for the eighth season of Dexter hints at some serious sibling discord between Dexter and Debra. In case you forgot, Debra finally found out Dexter’s little secret last season and aided her brother various times in covering his tracks. The most surprising and compelling moment of the previous season came when ‘Spoiler Alert’... Debra killed LaGuerta after the Captain had uncovered the not so shocking truth about Dexter.

If you were thinking that Deb would easily cross over to the Dexter side after this incident, you were greatly mistaken. As usual Dexter remains un-phased by his condemnable actions and continues his life as usual, but all is not well because Debra is showing some serious signs of remorse as well as some anger directed at her dear brother going so far as saying, “I shot the wrong person in that trailer.” Ouch! Dexter better watch out. The eighth seasons, most likely to be the last, is set to premiere June 30 at 9 pm.

The new footage for the veteran Showtime show is featured in a joint trailer along with freshman series Ray Donovan, which stars Liv Shcreiber and Jon Voight and is set to premiere after Dexter at 10 pm.

Check out the video below:


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