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New Mass Effect 2 DLC?

New Mass Effect 2 down loadable content has just been rumored by PC gamers going through ME2's sound files. Apparently there are sound files with Liara and Shepard speaking about the Shadow Broker, and the Liara addressing the Shadow Broker personally. The file names have "Liara" and "dlc" in them, so it's safe to assume there's new DLC on the way. The fact that Bioware said they've always been interested in developing Liara's character is another hint. Files with the name Kasumi were also found long before Kasumi's Stolen Memory was announced as well, so that's another point to think about. Of course, this could all be just rumors, but it's most likely the signs of a new chapter in the ME2 story. Bioware has remained silent, and if it will be paid-for DLC or not is up in the air.  


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