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New Metro: Last Light Survival Guide Trailer

Deep Silver has released the next video in their "Survival Guide" series for Metro: Last Light. The second video in a series of three, “Enemy Danger” prepares the player against the hostile inhabitants of the Metro, both human and mutant. Mutant creatures control the Moscow wasteland above ground while the human survivors, having splintered into extremist factions, gangs of bandits, and the order of Rangers, try to maintain a hold in the underground tunnels of the Metro. "To stand up to them, the player has a choice: will he try to sneak past the threats, save their lives and rare ammunition, or will he seek direct face-off to wipe them out once for all? Both ways carry risks and every action has consequences within the tunnels of the Metro."

The game is looking better and better as each new screenshot and trailer is released. I am personally even more excited about the fact that the factions and idealism if the world will be expanded upon in this iteration.  I loved the first game, really liked the book, and ready to take another trip into the unknown. Question is, are you?  


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