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New Metroid: Other M Trailers

In a little over a month from now, on Aug. 31, Metroid: Other M will be released in North America. For gamers who have no idea how rapidly that date is approaching, and for those who are just want to wet their tongues, Nintendo has a solution. Starting with Monday of this week, Nintendo will be releasing a new trailer everyday via website CVG.

So will there finally be a solid gameplay trailer we have been waiting for? Will we really dig deep into Samus’s origin? Will there be blood? Well, yes, no, and maybe so.

To say the Monday trailer was odd may be a slight understatement. Nonetheless, it was interesting, and depicted Samus in a much more relatable and human light; it showed her birth. Though, if seeing the birth of everyone’s favorite bounty hunter doesn’t satisfy your hunger, certainly the other two displaying solid gameplay and a boss battle will. However, don’t get too excited for blood just yet.


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