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New Modes Coming in Titanfall’s Biggest Update Yet

"Titanfall's eighth game update brings a massive grab bag of new features and tweaks"
Titanfall devs Respawn have been regularly been updating the game to add and remove game modes and the like as well as tweak the technical aspects of the game. Now, we're onto Game Update Eight, and it is one of the biggest yet.
The big headline grabbing addition is 'Frontier Defense,' a new cooperative game mode that is, essentially, horde mode. There's nothing mind-blowing about a horde-style mode in 2014, but it is cool that Respawn are acknowledging people who would prefer this style of game mode, even seven months after release.
Another potentially exciting inclusion is 'Ranked Play' which is vaguely defined as enabling you to "work your way through an increasingly challenging set of Tiers by out-performing other Pilots in battle." Sounds like a sort of ranked season mode that you'll be able to compete in, interesting idea. The mode will launch in a beta version first that will allow them to gather metrics for it's eventual full implementation.
Aside from those two features though there is a veritable load of other changes and additions, both big and small including bug fixes, new achievements etc. There's far too many to expound upon here so I'll just point you in the direction of the full list. Again, great that Respawn are still showing a huge dedication to improving upon the game this far into it's lifespan. Encouraging signs for their future endeavors.


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