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New Mortal Kombat Teaser?

I love live action trailers, but they are often cheaply made, have horrible actors, and are boring.  The ones that Bungie made for Halo are probably my favorites since they look pretty good, though some of the effects look kind of cheap, but they are still either suspenseful or entertaining. 

This one takes the cake. Not only does it look great to the point where it feels like a short film, but it also sets up a whole new perspective for the Mortal Kombat series, and I am seriously pumped.  Now, there has been some talk about this being a movie trailer, but usually trailers like these aren't first shown on YouTube, and movies aren't announced like this.  Usually they are announced well before production even starts, so this has the markings of game developers trying to wet our appetite for E3, where I assume they will give more details about their new game.

Looks sick, right?  If this is a movie trailer, I will be shocked, but I really think that this is a teaser for a game. I guess we will have to wait and see.  Make sure to check back during E3 as we keep you updated.


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