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New Multiplayer Goldeneye Trailer

Nostalgia is an emotion often evoked by numerous sights, sounds, and even tastes. One sight that will surely evoke nostalgia is the new Goldeneye trailer for the Wii. Shown at one of the largest video-game-centric conventions ever, Gamescom, was a new multiplayer trailer for Goldeneye. Fans of late night gaming snack-a-thons can rejoice even more.

“A new Goldeneye has arrived, so what are you going to do?” asks the new Goldeneye trailer. As if you need time to think about the said question, the trailer continues and shows off many aspects of Goldeneye’s multiplayer. One will note that many aspects which made the first game so successful are shown to be present in the trailer. 

For example, many of the gun’s return such as the RCP90 and Golden Gun. Speaking of  the Golden Gun, many of the original modes like “Slappers Only” and “Man with the Golden Gun” make an appearance in the trailer along with a slew of new modes. Similarly, classic levels like Facility are shown capping off the nostalgia factor. Thankfully though, the trailer does boast a plethora of new features and levels along with what looks like an surprisingly decent graphical overhaul. 



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