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New Mythbusters Hosts to Be Found Through Reality Series

"One of the new Mythbusters could be you. "
Less than a month after Mythbusters aired its series finale, THR has learned that the Science Channel is bringing the show back, but things are going to be slightly different when the revival finally airs. Before the new Mythbusters gets off the ground, the network will have a reality competition series to search for the show’s hosts called – unsurprisingly – Search for the Next Mythbusters. The goal of Search will be to find an “all-new generation of myth-busting science superstars” by testing 15 participants to solve myths from the original show along with entirely new myths. Competitors will be eliminated each episode by a panel made up of people who have been members of the Mythbusters family at one point or another, and some exciting news: one of those participants could be you. Viewers can submit videos to Science Channel for the chance to be one of the new Mythbusters. Marc Etkind, general manager of Science Channel, said that the ideal candidates are “people who have building skills and are naturally inquisitive” and “people who don’t mind getting embarrassed a little bit.” (Check out Science Channel's website for further details on this front.) [caption id="attachment_81710" align="aligncenter" width="601"]Adam Savage, Jamie Hyneman - Mythbusters Potentially you. (Image via in.ign.com.)[/caption] The original Mythbusters ran for 14 seasons and was hosted by Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman, who tested the validity of multiple myths and rumors using science. As for how different the new Mythbusters will be from the original, Etland says things are subject to change. "We'll see who emerges victorious and from those folks determine what the best format is," he stated. "It's a long-running goal for Science Channel to have MythBusters on the air."


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