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New Need For Speed Incoming?

With just under two months before E3, it seems that the next project from EA and Criterion Games seems to have been leaked. Criterion is rumored to be working on a reboot for Need For Speed: Underground, reports egmnow.com. The logo, seen below, was sent to egmnow.com via an anonymous source that claims the logo is part of the games cover art.

According to the source, the reboot is to be set in new version of Bayview, and not a redone version of Bayview found in the 2004 game, Need For Speed Underground 2. Since this game is still unofficial, this may just be a mockup, and not official. this does however support evidence that EA and Criterion have been working on an unannounced racing game that is to be announced later this year.

Criterion's Creative director has stated that this is indeed "totally fake", but with the proximity to E3, it would not be surprising if his statement is a fake out for fans of the studio, and racing games in general.

We will most likely find out more about Criterion's latest game at this years E3 in June. Until an official announcement, let us know what you think in the comments below.


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