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New Orcs Must Die Video

A new video of the wacky, trap-based strategy game, Orcs Must Die has surfaced.  It's part of a new weekly showcase in which the developer, Robot Entertainment, shows off the various traps that players will be able to use in the game.  This week, it is the Arrow Wall.  It's a placeable wall that shoots out a floor-to-ceiling- volley of arrows that impales any hapless Orcs unfortunate enough to wander by.

The game includes elements of tower defense, challenging the player to protect the inner halls of a castle from a horde of dim-witted orcs.  However, this game uses a third person view, and allows players to actively participate in defending their territory by taking up arms, or spells and battling the invaders directly.  Despite the option of using your character's sword and crossbow for combat, the game is primarily based around deploying cunning traps to take out the bad guys in clever and amusing ways.  

Previously unveiled traps include floor spikes, giant spinning blades, and a spiked ball that swings from the ceiling, although this is the first in-depth video showing one in detail .  Orcs Must Die is coming out this sumer for PC, XBox and PS3, although no exact date is set yet.  You can see more videos, and learn about the game on the Orcs Must Die website.


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