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New PC Game Developed With True Blood Novelist

HBO's hugely popular vampire show True Blood is based on a series of novels written by Charlaine Harris.  In addition to the adventures of Sookie, Bill and the other denizens of Bon Temps, Ms. Harris has also written about other vampires, and a new game called Dying For Daylight will follow Dahlia, a vampiress who is in search of a magic potion that allows vampire to survive in sunlight.  Dahlia might be familiar to Harris's regular readers; she appeared in several books which took place in the same setting as the Sookie Stackhouse novels, but which didn't actually feature Sookie.  The game also has some new vampire characters for fans to get to know.

Dying for Daylight is a point 'n' click adventure which uses a first person perspective.  It will be released in four episodes, starting on February 11th.  It is published by Oberon Media through i-play.com which both focus heavily on casual games.  In gameplay terms, this means that interested players should expect lots of "Hidden Object" activities and puzzle-solving.  While it probably won't appeal to hardcore gamers, it certainly will be of note to the many fans of HBO's vampire porn show, or to anyone who likes Charlaine Harris's novels.  Pricing hasn't been revealed, but most games of this sort go for $19.95 on i-play (With big discounts if you buy more than one).  Release schedule for the next three episodes isn't available yet, either.  

A trailer which shows gameplay and concept art can be seen at Dying For Daylight's website.


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