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New Pokémon Sun and Moon Trailer Shows Different Style Campaign

"Also a lot of new and returning Pokemon, some different than you remembered"
Earlier, the Pokémon Company released a new Pokémon Sun and Moon trailer detaining some of the new ways players can experience the world of Pokémon. Some staples of Pokémon have been totally upended for completely new concepts, and new Pokémon for good measure. https://youtu.be/3AZHowhxM0U One big shake-up to the Pokémon formula is the replacement of Pokémon Gyms and Badges with the Rite of Passage. Alola trainers must overcome trials on each of the four islands, ranging from dungeons to Pokémon battles. These trials contain former trainers who once participated in it, and provide guidance. During each trial, a “Totem Pokémon” will test trainers, battling and summoning ally Pokémon while buffing themselves. Finally, the Grand Trial is a test against the “kahuna” of the island. eR6lmdl Z-Moves are also new, which are super one-shot moves. All Pokémon are capable of using Z-Moves in battle. Like the Mega Evolution in X and Y, Z-Moves require the trainer to have a bracelet and stone, but this time it’s called the Z-Ring and a Z-Crystal. Unlike the Megas, both the trainer and the Pokémon need the crystal to activate. Tomy is making a real Z-Ring for players to wear, and it’ll interact with the games in real time when you activate Z-Moves. Gagtb2C New Pokémon were shown off, but first they surprised us with region-exclusive forms of older Pokémon! The Alolan version of Exeggutor is 35 feet tall as well as a Grass/Dragon-type, but this was hinted way back in the third generation when Exeggutor were known to be taller in tropical climates. U6wOr6y Vulpix and Nintetales gained a strange and extreme change: becoming Ice-Types (plus Fairy for Ninetales)! Lore states they migrated to snowy mountains after moving to Alola with humans. dqqQO9p They weren’t all, Sandshrew and Sandslash also became icy, being Ice/Steel-Type… in the tropics. Their story is that the volcanoes forced them to migrate to the snow. yWCs4X4 For new Pokémon, a new bird, Oricorio, has four forms depending on which island you catch it on: the fiery flamenco-like Baile Style, the cheerleading electric Pom-Pom Style, the hula-dancing Psychic Pa’u Style, and the geisha-looking Ghost-Type Sensu Style. It has a signature move that is the typing of the style you caught and its ability uses the opponents dance moves when they use them (Quiver Dance, Dragon Dance, etc.). For the not-so-interesting, first is Minior, a Rock/Flying-Type meteor with several different colored cores. Gumshoos is the Evolution of Yungoos, and can summon Yungoos in normal battles. Fomantis and its evolution Lurantis are Grass-Types who look a lot like Leavanny, and Mudbray is the pre-evolution of Mudsdale. Pokémon Sun and Moon release on November 18th, only for the Nintendo 3DS family of systems.


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