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New Project “Titan” Information Released

More information has recently been released about Blizzard’s secretive MMO codenames “Titan”.  In a recent interview with Curse Entertainment, Rob Pardo of Blizzard revealed that there are now over 100 developers working towards this project.  The project itself has been in development for years now, starting from small teams and working up to larger groups.  Rob however does say that it “isn’t around the corner” to be released, and is still “in the middle of development”.

Little is known about “Titan”, besides that it is in production and isn’t related to the Warcraft universe implemented in World of Warcraft.  Earlier this week Blizzard released Mists of Panderia, the newest expansion to hit World of Warcraft.  Keep checking Player Affinity for more information on “Titan”, as well as a review for Mists of Panderia in the near future.


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