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New rain Trailer Released

A new trailer has been released for the up and coming PSN title, rain.

Named Two Silhouettes, the new trailer shows a young boy chasing a young girl in the rain, both of who are invisible and both of whose outlines can only be seen when they are outside in these adverse weather conditions.  

The above preview shows how the two paths of the boy and girl eventually collide within the title and it also features some more of the locations featured in rain, such as a church and an abandoned factory.

According to the games Associate Producer Dais Kawaguchi, “Together the boy and girl will explore more new environments such as the brightly light circus filled with trinkets and deserted enclosures where they will have to work together in unique ways to escape their pursuers.”

When talking to the PlayStation blog, Kawaguchi said that “rain is an emotional journey that will remind players of a familiar yet distant time.” He also said that, “We are looking forward to sharing more about rain at E3 in just a couple weeks. We’re letting E3 attendees go hands-on, so look for more news from the show soon!”

rain is being developed by Japan Studios and published by Sony Entertainment Computers. It is scheduled for release some time this year and will be exclusive to the PSN.


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