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New Rainbow Moon Details

Introduced last November, Rainbow Moon is SideQuest Studio's upcoming strategy RPG for the PS3. The studio has stressed that while developing their colorful and cartoonish dungeon runner, they have tried to incorporate as much of the feedback from fans as possible. Today, they showed off progress on the the new title, most notably the battle system. According to SideQuest, battles with take place on a wide variety of grid-sized maps in a turn-based format. SideQuest has said that they believe the core game will take around 30 hours to finish, however, this can be extended up to 100 hours if players fully explore the game and the depths of their character development system. Seemingly unable to decide on real-time or random encounters, the studio has incorporated elements of both into their system, adding that the random encounters are optional and players can disregard them if them if they wish.

Up to three characters may take part in encounters, during which they will have access to six basic commands: Move, Attack, Skill, Defend, Use and Item, and Escape, which can be used to abandon any fight during the player’s turn. The Skill command will allow players to use one of over 120 special skills in the game, ranging in category from flashy power moves to support skills which allow you to heal yourself or allies. A third category of skills will allow players to analyze enemies, increasing their effectiveness against said enemy, which seems to play a big part in the combat. Certain skills may only be learned by one of your characters while others are learnable by all, meaning players will have to assign specialties to their characters to maximize effectiveness. Each of the six playable main characters will also have access to fully customizable weapons, armors and accessories, as well as many more trinkets SideQuest that plans to announce in the future.

Enemies were also described. While adventuring, players will face about 100 different types of enemies from 17 classes with their own characteristics. Just like players, enemies will be able to attack with special and standard moves, cast support spells on their fellow enemies, focus their efforts on a single player and run away if the fight seems too much for them. Unlike players, enemies will also be capable of splitting, merging, self-destructing and fleeing, and SideQuest teases that there will be other special surprises in store for players in the future.

The game was originally announced for release on the PSN in the first quarter of 2012, but no new release date has been proclaimed by the studio. They have announced that the game should debut for around $15, which seems cheap for a potentially 100-hour experience. SideQuest seems intent to keep fans updated on their upcoming RPG, so expect further updates in the future. Until then, enjoy this newly released trailer!


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