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New Releases for PS3 This Week (4.18.11)

After a few quiet weeks for new games and content on the PS3, the great selection of games out this week should be enough to keep almost every gamer happy. First, there are three new games coming out on Blu-ray in stores: SOCOM 4, Mortal Kombat, and the brilliant Portal 2.  

There are no less than five new PS3 games available for download on the PlayStation Network. Most notably the classic Sonic the Hedgehog 2, and the 2D girl-on-girl fighting action of Arcana Heart 3.  

Also out on PSP this week is Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection, which should be a must for all Final Fantasy fans. Not only does it include a graphically improved version of one of the best 2D games in the series, it also includes, among other things, the original game's direct sequel called Final Fantasy IV: The After Years.  

Without a doubt Game of the Week goes to Portal 2. It’s been getting some amazing reviews and is right up there with the best games of this generation. For those who missed out on the original there really isn’t anything else like this first-person puzzle platformer. As in the first game you again control Chell and have to work your way through the environments of the Aperture Science facility, which have become overgrown and rundown in the years since you were last there. The genius of Portal 2 is in its attention to detail and its incredibly well written, often hilarious, characters and story. A definite contender for Game of the Year.  

Portal 2

New Store Releases

SOCOM 4: US Navy SEALs Venture into the inhospitable jungles and city streets of South East Asia as you battle rebel fighters in this third-person shooter sequel.  

Mortal KombatReviving the old fan favorite with an all new graphics engine, and introducing new gameplay features like tag team and a more developed story mode.  

Portal 2 Using a portal-creating device you have to solve increasingly complex environmental puzzles as you work your way through the Aperture Science Laboratories. Includes an online co-operative game mode.    

Downloadable Games
Arcana Heart 3 ($29.99) - 2D Japanese arcade fighting game developed by Examu. Select from 23 female characters who each have their own unique abilities.

Fancy Pants Adventures ($9.99) - Action-adventure platformer that can be played with up to 4 players.

Neutopia ($5.99) - You are a boy on a journey to rescue a princess while reclaiming 8 medallions.

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 ($4.99) – The second game in the original SEGA Genesis series.

Puzzle Agent ($9.99) - Solve logic puzzles, mazes, and riddles, as you discover the secrets of a mysterious village.

Virtua Tennis 4 World Tour Demo
Fancy Pants Adventures Demo  

Add-on Game Content
Hyperdimension Neptunia: Cat Ears (Black Heart) ($0.99)
Hyperdimension Neptunia: Closed Mail (H) ($0.99)
Hyperdimension Neptunia: Mail (L) ($0.99)
Hyperdimension Neptunia: Mail (S) ($0.99)
Hyperdimension Neptunia: Mail (W) ($0.99)
Hyperdimension Neptunia: Mystic Hat (Green Heart) ($0.99)
Hyperdimension Neptunia: Mystic Hat (White Heart) ($0.99)
Hyperdimension Neptunia: Open Mail (H) ($0.99)
Mortal Kombat Online Pass ($9.99)
Yoostar 2: They’re Super Cops ($1.99)
Yoostar 2: Underwater Bliss ($0.99)
Yoostar 2: Why Don’t We Go For A Cool Million? ($1.99)
Yoostar 2: I’m Gonna Propose To Melissa ($1.99)
Yoostar 2: I’m Not A Policeman – I’m A Princess! ($1.99)
Yoostar 2: You’re With Me On This? ($1.99)
Yoostar 2: A Visit To Miracle Max ($1.99)
Yoostar 2: To The Pain ($1.99)
Yoostar 2: Hits Of The ’80s ($6.99)
Yoostar 2: How Can 5 People Operate 1 Gun ($1.99)
Yoostar 2: Sit Down And Shut Up ($1.99)
Yoostar 2: Tommy Is So Tubular And All ($1.99)
ModNation Racers – Chocolate Bunny Mod ($1.75)
ModNation Racers – Chocolate Bunny Mod and Kart ($0.99)
Dj Hero 2: Ultra Mix Pack ($7.99)

PSP Downloadable Games
Neutopia ($5.99)
Puzzle Guzzle ($5.99)
Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection Digital ($29.99)

PS one Classics 
Dino Crisis 2 ($5.99) 
Threads of Fate ($5.99)

Farm Frenzy – Minis ($4.99)
Snake Warriors: Training – Minis ($3.99)
Duael Invaders – Minis ($3.99)
Mad Blocker Alpha – Minis ($3.99)


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