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New Releases This Week for PS3 (2/22/11)

Some big new releases out this week for PlayStation 3. The main new game out in stores is Killzone 3, the sequel to one of the biggest PS3 games of '09. Other games out include Bulletstorm; an over-the-top first-person shooter with signature “skill shots" that reward players for taking out enemies in the most creative ways possible. De Blob 2, the sequel to the popular platform puzzle game, and Knights Contract which is an action adventure game developed by Game Republic.

New to PlayStation Network is a re-release of the vintage arcade game Space Ace, the science fiction shooter Alien Breed 3: Descent, and Days Of Thunder – Nascar Edition, which is a racer with characters from the 90’s film.  

Game of The Week goes to Killzone 3. Guerrilla Games has come a long way towards improving a lot of the faults with the second game. And although the story is still not quite up to the level of some of the other big first person shooters, Killzone 3 is one of the best looking games of this generation and has a very solid multiplayer.    

Killzone 3
New Store Releases
 for PS3
Killzone 3 – Following on from Killzone 2, Emperor Visari is dead but the war is far from over. Sev and Rico continue to fight against the remaining Helghast in one of the PS3’s premium exclusive series.  

Bulletstorm – An intense over-the-top first-person shooter which tells the story of a futuristic confederation and an elite band of mercenaries.  

de Blob 2— Comrade Black returns to continue his war on color. De Blob sets off spreading color and life back to the city and its residents.  

Knights Contract – This action adventure game follows Heinrich, an immortal executioner, and Gretchen, a resurrected witch. The two must work together to rid the land of the supernatural enemies. 

New PSN Games
Space Ace ($9.99) - The old arcade follow-up to Dragon’s Lair. This version is exactly the same as the original, with an extra all-new global high scores list. It also contains a bonus feature to watch the full animation.

Days Of Thunder – Nascar Edition ($9.99) - Race against NASCAR Sprint Cup drivers, including Jimmie Johnson and Tony Stewart, as well as drivers from the cult film. The game includes single-player and online modes.

Alien Breed 3: Descent ($9.99) - The final part of the Alien Breed series; a science fiction arcade-shooter with a detailed story. The game includes a single-player campaign and Survivor modes with online or local two-player co-operative.

Dragon Age 2 – Demo
Dragon Age 2 French Version – Demo (Canada only)
Lego Star Wars III: The Clone Wars – Demo
Yakuza 4 – Demo
MLB 11: The Show – Demo

PSone Classics
Xenogears ($9.99)

Add-on Game Content
Killzone 3: Reclaimed Territory Retro Pack ($4.99)
Fallout: New Vegas Dead Money ($9.99)
Fallout: New Vegas (French) – Dead Money ($9.99)
Fallout: New Vegas (Spanish) – Dead Money ($9.99)
Bulletstorm Standard Edition Online Pass – Public Release ($9.99)
Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit – Armed and Dangerous Pack ($6.99)
The Sims 3 – Bahhaus ($9.99)
The Sims 3 – Castle Interior Pack ($5.99)
Fight Night Champion Online Pass ($9.99)
Deadliest Warrior – DLC Expansion Pack 1 ($4.99)
Hyperdimension Neptunia: Booster (x6) ($0.99)
EyePet Hospital Pack ($2.99) 
The Fight: Lights Out – Timesaver’s Pack ($1.99)
The Fight: Lights Out – Fitness Pack ($4.99)

New PSP games on PSN
YS: I & II Chronicles ($24.99)

PSP minis
Bloons TD – Minis ($4.99)
Paper Wars: Cannon Fodder – Minis ($4.99)
Twin Blades – Minis ($3.99)
Denki Blocks! – Minis ($3.99)


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