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New Releases This Week on PS3 (1-24-11)

New releases this week for PlayStation 3, both in store and on PSN, are dominated by Dead Space. The highly anticipated Dead Space II comes to stores, and an updated version of the Wii game Dead Space Extraction is available on the PlayStation Network. If though you’re not a fan of moody survival horror games set in space then there is not much else to get excited about this week, with the RPG sequel Two Worlds II being the only other full release.

Game Of The Week is a no brainer again this week. With Dead Space II improving on almost all of what made the original game so good, there is little doubt it is becoming one of the best new survival horror franchises in years.

 Dead Space II

This weeks PS3 Store Releases:

Dead Space 2 — Isaac Clarke wakes from a coma to find himself on a space city called the “The Sprawl”. A new alien infestation finds Isaac trying to survive a new horror.

Two Worlds II – Expands the RPG adventure of the original Two Worlds and introduces new game content, extending gameplay and provides answers to many questions in the main story.


New This Week to PSN:

Dead Space Extraction ($14.99) – An on-rails shooter set in the world of Dead Space.
Originally released on the Wii, but now re-released in HD with Move motion controller compatibility.


Bulletstorm Demo 

Dead Space Extraction Demo

Add-on Game Content

Eye Pet – Emergency Pack ($2.99)

ModNation Racers – Party Hardy Mod ($0.99)

Super Street Fighter IV Ultra Classic Pack ($3.99)

Dead Space 2: Hazard Pack ($4.99)

Dead Space 2: Martial Law Pack ($4.99)

Dead Space 2: Supernova Pack ($4.99)

PSP Downloadable Games

Lord of Arcana ($39.99)


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