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New Resistance 3 Bundle and PSN Pass Uncovered

According to information released by German video game forum Konsolentreff, there is set to be yet another Resistance 3 released. The game will be packaged with a 320GB PS3 Slim with no price mentioned. It is expected that this bundle will be released with the game this September and it joins the two other Resistance 3 bundles announced by Sony at E3. With Resistance being one of Sony's biggest exclusive games this holiday season, it comes with no surprise that it is getting the huge push that it is. Personally I would have preferred to see an Uncharted 3 bundle as it is more likely to move more units and attract new consumers. Don't get me wrong, I think Resistance is a fine series, but if I really wanted to increase console sales, Uncharted 3 seems like the more enticing game to present.

Images released of the Resistance bundle also revealed a feature that is becoming increasingly more common in games and is also looking to be implemented by Sony. It's called the PSN Pass and it appears to be an EA online pass-style requirement to play featured games online. Resistance 3 will clearly be the guinea pig for this new system as Sony attempts to limit the purchase of its exclusive games second hand. Speculated to work in the same way as EA's system, second hand games would ideally have this PSN pass used up, forcing the user to pay a fee to gain a new one. However, it is still unclear as to what form this PSN Pass will take, but with Resistance 3's release not far away, it won't be long until we find out.


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