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New Screenshots and Trailer for The Secret World

Funcom has created some spectacular games over the years; they made The Longest Journey, a highly regarded classic in the adventure genre, along with its sequel Dreamfall. In recent years they've become known for MMO's like Age of Conan and Anarchy Online, and they have a new online game coming up later this year. The Secret World is a modern-day massively multiplayer online game and its Creative Director is Ragnar Tornquist, the lead designer on Longest Journey. This looks to be a must-have game for fans of Tornquist's games.

Given the title, it shouldn't be surprising that little has been known about this secretive game and its mysterious world. In the wake of the Game Developers Conference, a new trailer and many screenshots have been brought to light. Despite the game being set in a realistic modern world, the story involves players fighting a hidden supernatural battle against monsters like the enormous beast below.

Players will have the chance to join three different secret societies based on real-world secret societies like the Illuminati, or the Templars pictured below.

Combat will involve modern weapons like guns and chainsaws, along with swords or magical powers.

The full video can be seen below, and much more can be seen on The Secret World's new website www.thesecretworld.com, which has replaced the mysterious former site www.darkdaysarecoming.com.



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