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New Screenshots for Catherine

The new screenshots for Atlus' weird new adventure/puzzle/ girlfriend sim game, Catherine confirm that the game is still weird.  The new images show a cute new redhead, lots of sheep symbolism and our band of heroes goofing around at the bar that serves as a gathering point for characters in the story.

The smokin' hot readheaded waitress is named Erica, not one of the game's two Catherines (One with a "K", one with a "C").  Erica works at the Stray Sheep bar where the game's protagonist Vincent hangs out.  The screenshots also include a bit of dialogue in subtitle form and, if you can look past the cleavage, you can read the sort of sexually-suggestive dialogue that is a hallmark of this very mature game (Rating still pending in North America, but expect an "M").

Yes, Erica, you do have a nice pair of something...

There are also several new examples of the sheep metaphor that runs throughout the game, seen here in tutorials that explain how to interact with NPCs:

And how Vincent's stats are affected by his level of drunkeness:

All of these new screens confirm our opinion that Catherine is going to be one of those oddball quirky games that players and press will debate endlessly.  Catherine releases on July 26, 2011 for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.  Check back here for more preview coverage and our full review after it hits North American shelves.


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