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New Scrolls Information Revealed

Everyone knows who Mojang is nowadays as their leading product Minecraft continues to sweep the indie market. A while back they announced that they were working on a new game entitled Scrolls but there was little to no information to be found on it. The Scrolls website has recently been redone and a ton of content has been added including a trailer, screenshots, and hints at a closed alpha that’s slated to start very soon. Any gamer that bought Minecraft when it was still in beta remember the sweet deal of reduced pricing and continual update. Mojang wants to do the same thing with Scolls which means that if you plan on purchasing this exciting new online card fighting game you had best do it as soon as the open beta phase begins.

Watching the trailer reveals very little about the game, but enough to make some observations. The art style looks very similar to that of MInecraft in that it is very cartoony and charming. The combat looks interesting enough with a few elements of strategy thrown in. There’s not that much to see as of now which leaves us with a large amount of unanswered questions. Scrolls is definitely something to keep your eye on in the near future.


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