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New Short Story From LA Noire

We here at Player Affinity love reading!  You know, video game manuals, video game strategy guides, in-game text telling us which button to push to jump… and of course we love books based on video games too.  That's why we're so keen on the hard-boiled detective tales that Rockstar is publishing to help promote their two-fisted game LA Noire.  Today the latest story, "Hell of an Affair" by Duane Swierczynksi hit the internet, and you can read it online, or download it as a PDF.  

Sadly, us PC Gamers can't actually PLAY LA Noire because it's only coming out for consoles and a PC port hasn't been announced, but at least we can read some of the backstory while we pine away for the PC version (Try reading a PDF on your XBox, or downloading anything on your PS3, console fanboys).  The eight stories are being released one at a time over the weeks leading up to the game’s launch, and each will provide some exposition on one of LA Noire’s characters, or the cases that players will investigate over the course of the campaign.

You can read the three currently-available stories on Rockstar's website, with five more coming over the next month, and a full e-book compilation arriving on June 6th.


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