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New Silver Surfer Ongoing

There were a lot of new titles announced during this years New York Comic Con, one of those titles being Silver Surfer.

A couple of weeks ago a teaser was released by Marvel that printed the word Rad. During a Marvel panel at NYCC it was announced that Rad actually meant Radd, in reference to Norman Radd the Silver Surfer.

The creative team on the series will be Dan Slott and Michael Allred. Dan Slott stated at the panel that he always wanted to make a Silver Surfer title and he thought this was the right time to finally write one. When he scripted the first issue he only had one artist in mind, and that was Michael Allred.

Silver Surfer will be coming out in March 2014. This will be part of the All New Marvel Now releases. Are you guys excited that Silver Surfer will be getting his own title? Are you excited about the creative team? Tell us in the comments below. 



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