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New Skyrim DLC Dragonborn Coming December 4th

Today Bethesda have announced the upcoming DLC for the 2011 hit, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Dragonborn is the third DLC to be released for the game following the impressive Dawnguard and the not so impressive Hearthfire. Dragonborn will be released on December 4th and will cost 1600 MS points on Xbox Live, the same price as Dawnguard which implies a similarly vast and expansive experience for the extra content. Last week Bethesda teased a new announcement and now it becomes clear that brand new Skyrim add-on is what they were referring to.

Dragonborn Pic

Whether this DLC will come to both PS3 and PC at this time is unconfirmed but going by the previous DLC, PC players should be able to access it one month later with PS3 players lucky to ever see it with all the problems the game has faced on the system. Bethesda also released a trailer teasing the new DLC wish you can view below.

No details on content have been officially announced so far but the most exciting feature in the trailer is being able to fly dragons for the first time. A feature fans have been crying out for since the game was released, let's hope this will be able for use at all times and not just as part of a quest. 



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